Account & Licensing

Error Message About “Wrong License” Is Shown

A vScope license is bound one single machine where vScope is intended to run. One of the parameters in determining a unique machine ID is mac addresses. On some platforms, there are situations where mac addresses change, e.g. when there is no network connectivity or network setting have changed (like adding or removing a connection). […]

How to Manually Add a License to vScope

Licenses are normally distributed via the Licenses & Billing Account. If the account is not available (e.g. due to firewall) a license file can be loaded manually instead. The manual license file can be retrieved from InfraSight Labs Support. To upload a license manually, do the following: Go to Subscription under Settings Click on Activate […]

How Is vScope Licensed?

vScope is licensed on a subscription based model requiring no upfront fees or additional costs. vScope platform vScope is fully functional with a Limited license which is free of charge. This license, however, only provides basic insights to the information gathered by vScope. In order to gain full visibility of the data in vScope, a product […]

What Is a Billable Unit (BU)?

What is a Billable Unit (BU)? vScope products are licensed by Billable Units. The Billable Unit licensing within each product determine the maximum number of items vScope can display. The list of BU corresponding each product is as follows: Certificate 1 BU = 1 web (SSL) certificate Client 1 BU =  1 client OS (found […]

Where Can I Find the Code for My License?

During the installation of a new vScope you might have noticed that you can choose to activate it with a code. This code is available whenever you have chosen to subscribe to a vScope license. This could either be during an assisted trial or for a full commercial license subscription   The code is provided […]

How do I download my license file

vScope needs a valid licens to fully function. The licenses are distributed via the License account service (you can access via, and your vScope installation will automatically connect and confirm its existens so it receives a valid licens. When the vScope installation isn’t able to reach the License account service, you will need to […]

What Happens If the License Limit Is Exceeded?

Do you want to upgrade your vScope license? Go to vScope Account page If your vScope has inventoried too much information (eg. servers, databases, VMs, printers etc.), data will be capped from showing. This might result in inaccurate reports and analysis where not all relevant information is visible. However vScope will be fully functional and […]