Inventory & Reporting

How to reduce long Discovery times

Long discovery times is most likely caused by a faulty Discovery Manager setup. Before we start to optimize the discovery time, we first need to understand how a discovery is performed. How the discovery work Since vScope runs without the use of agents, the discovery starts off by pinging all IP addresses that are defined […]

How to use import from file in Tag Manager

The “Import from file” feature allows you to import tags to vScope from a XLSX file. Step-by-step walkthrough In this example we’ll import tag values to the vScope tag “Migration Location” that is currently empty. We have the correct values in an XLSX document, so we’ll use this for our import. Step 1 – Upload […]

Discovery Manager Overview

1. Overview Discovery Manager manages vScope’s inventory. This is where to set up what to discover, when to discover it and improve the overall inventory coverage. Discovery Manager consists of five main sections plus one setup wizard. NOTICE – To access Discovery Manager a user needs to be an Admin in vScope. 1.1. Discovery tab […]

Size Tag Definitions of MSSQL Database

There are several different tags to describe the size of a MSSQL database. The following table shows the tags name in vScope and what it represents. You can also find a visualization of the size of a database on the Properties page of the resource: Tag Description Allocated size Total amount of space allocated by […]

Specify Ports for Certificate Scanning

By default vScope searches for certificates on all known targets (that is: added to Discovery Manager or found from any other target eg. a vCenter). The probe uses the default ports 443 (standard HTTPS) and 8443 (alternative HTTPS). The probe also looks at ports 80 and 8080 with HTTP, and checks if it gets any […]

How to Setup Discovery Manager

The server is in place and vScope has been installed, only one more step until you can access your data in vScope. Setting up the Discovery Manager IMPORTANT – vScope only have reading rights and cannot make any changes in your environment. This is mentioned because when working with the Discovery Manager, it’s important to […]