How to confirm WMI access through DCOM and WinRM

Ways to access WMI vScope accesses WMI on a target machine in two ways. DCOM (the default way) Executes queries remotely High Round-trip time (RTT) between vScope and target machine times affects scan time negatively WinRM (recommended) Executes queries locally on target machine High Round-trip time (RTT) between vScope and target machine does not affects […]

SCCM information is missing in vScope

Using a domain administrator you should have sufficient rights to inventory the SCCM server through WMI. If you are using a non-admin and are not getting any SCCM Site data in vScope you might have a permission problem. Verify permissions through PowerShell Start a PowerShell on a remote computer (not the SCCM server) Use the […]

vScope’s communication with InfraSight Labs

vScope requires Internet connectivity to communicate with InfraSight Labs’ support systems License & Billing account:… (HTTPS, TCP 443) vScope software updates:  (Dynamic IP, CDN Amazon CloudFront) Service functions like Online support/Secure upload and license heartbeats:… (HTTPS, TCP 443) If you are using vScope’s default mail server for email settings you will also need to […]

Error Message ‘User Already Exists in Active Directory’

When creating a new local vScope user you might get error message “User Already Exists in Active Directory”. This means that vScope have found a user with the same Email address in the integrated Active Directory/LDAP and can’t create a new one. To add the person you can either: Use a different email address or… […]

VMware Uptime/Last Boot Is Missing

vScope uses the property bootTime to retrieve runtime information provided by the API. If you are missing values for VM Uptime and VM Last Boot vScope cannot properly fetch bootTime from the API. Ensure permission settings and that VMware API is configured properly.

Can’t Log in to vScope

I can’t log in with a local vScope account. Make sure that your login credentials are correct. If you’ve forgot your password you can click “Forgot your password” on the log in screen. If the Email is incorrect you’ll get an error message in the down bottom corner. Please contact your vScope administrator if you […]

Lost LDAP/AD Integration

Changes to the host or base DN in your LDAP/AD can cause the integration with vScope to be lost. To set it up again you’ll need to log in with the local vScope adminstrator account and redo the LDAP/AD integrations set up. Ask your vScope administrator for help. Please contact the vScope Support if you […]

How to Troubleshoot Proxy Installations in vScope

Adding proxies to vScope allows you improve performance scanning remote sites and inventory closed networks such as DMZs. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your proxies are Background – How it works Step 1: Initiate proxy scan Once the Discovery on the master vScope is triggered, the proxy is initiated on the IP […]

WMI – Local and Domain Account Considerations

WMI – Local and domain account considerations Account interpretation ambiguity can be a reason for getting Access Denied when scanning a system using WMI. This can happen when credentials in vScope are specified without domain. This is why we always recommend the following when using domain and local accounts: When using domain accounts, use the following syntax […]

Where to I Find the Log Files for Debugging?

Where to I find the log files for debugging? Sending debug log to InfraSight Labs The easiest way to share log files with InfraSight Labs is to send them to us via vScope (Settings -> Online Backup -> Upload Now). Locating the debug log manually The log file can be found on the vScope server […]