vScope Billing

How to customize tags available for price items in vScope Billing

By default, vScope Billing offers you to add prices to the most commonly used tags for billing. However, on the Billing settings page you can customize what tags to be available as attributes when creating a Price item. Adding a tag makes it available as an attribute in vScope Billing. Go to Billing settings Under […]

What is a Price list version?

Creating versions of Price lists allows you to schedule or create new price rules without affecting historical price information. Price list Versions can be created from within the Manage Price list view in vScope Billing A version of a Price list has a description and a starting date. Price list versions and Billing period Which […]

What Are Price Items/Groups/Categories?

There are three main concepts of prices in vScope Billing: Price items, Price groups and Price categories. The easiest way to visualize their purpose is to look in the Browse Billing Account View. IMPORTANT NOTICE All prices in vScope are entered as MONTHLY prices. 1. Price items About These are individual prices that define the […]

How to Get Started with vScope Billing

Notice: Administrator privileges in vScope are required to use Billing vScope Billing allows organizations to add prices to their IT resources for more accurate and efficient billing process. Setting up Billing in vScope is a quite straight forward process that, if done right, will only take you a few minutes. This guide goes through the basics […]