How to configure SCCM in vScope


  • A Subscription for Clients in vScope, or a trial license.
  • A credential with full read permissions and access to the SCCM database.
  • The SCCM port number (default: 1433)

Step 1 – Enter Discovery Manager

Enter the Discovery Manager and click the tab “Credentials”.

Step 2  – Click”+ Credential”

Click “+ Credential” for the option to add SCCM as a data source for clients.

Click the “Microsoft SCCM” button.

Step 3 – Insert Credential and the Target

Insert the Credential (the read account, can be either a domain account or local SQL account) and the Target (SCCM database). If the port number is other than default, this can be changed under the advanced tab during the creation.

Tip: You can test the credential right away during the creation phase by clicking the lightning symbol

Step 4 – Done

Click create in the bottom right corner and you’re done! Your Microsoft SCCM will be inventoried the next Discovery.

Don’t hestitate to contact if you have any questions.

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