WMI – Missing WMI Information in vScope

By Discovering information with with WMI, vScope will be able to create an even better image of what your datacenter really looks like. Last patch date, DNS-settings and Installed applications are all example of tags that vScope Discovers with help of the WMI probe.

1. Ensure that you have a working WMI credential in your Discovery Manager

Enter the Discovery Manager.

In the Credential Tab, ensure that there is at least one WMI credential connected to one or several targets:

Missing a WMI credential? Click the ‘+Crednetial’-button r and add Windows (WMI).

2. Check if WMI scan has been successful on any element

By making use of the tag ‘Last Found By‘ we can easier troubleshoot if vScope’s Discoveries are running as expected.

In Table Explorer, build a table about All Machines

With the Column picker – Add the column ‘Last Found By’ tag to the table

Now, in the table you can easily overview All Machines and with what probes they have been discovered by WMI.

If WMI is listed but you still do not see full WMI information the WMI Discovery might have timed out for some reason.

3. Troubleshoot WMI from Discovery Manager

Discovery Manager gives you full control of your Discoveries and lets you easily troubleshoot the Discovery process.

Under the Credential tab, click a WMI credential to open up the configuration view.

In this view you can easily edit and manage your WMI credential.

By clicking the lightning icon you can test the given WMI credential on specific targets to ensure that WMI is successful. If it fails, vScope will provide an error message on hover that will give you a hint about what might be wrong.

If this still does not help you resolving your WMI-problems. Please contact us via the Online Support Form or support@infrasightlabs.com.

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